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Facebook Post August 2014
Anna Craven Barlow — 5 star
This Ranch has changed my life, I no it can change anyone's!!!

TCHH: Can't wait to see you riding again

Anna Craven Barlow: Me either it will be so AWESOME, As scared as I still am from my accident its gonna take me time but, "I WILL GET THERE!"... An if I never met you this chapter of my life would of never happen again! I know not only you have to trust the horse but you have to trust who is training you! I can say I trust you 100% you stood right beside me last week an never left it an I was scared as heck! An that meantt a lot to me ... Between you, Mary Newlan, Trinity an the other horses. I couldn't ask for anything better! Dawn Newlan you are a AMAZING woman in many ways an I want to thank you for helping me get threw this! God Bless you my forever friend!

Facebook Post April 2014
Kristal Johnson Parnell — 5 star
I came to this ranch feeling like a failure and not very confident in myself or my abilities. Within a couple of weeks of being around these loving animals I came to understand that I was special and worthy of love and affection without any strings or having to jump through hoops to earn it. These horses don't care how I look or what I weigh. They don't care what I'm wearing. All they care about is that I love and trust them and am kind to them. Through them I am learning to love and trust myself.